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AS - Anxiety Support - Social Anxiety, Social Phobia, Depression, Help & Support

Chat for the Visually Impaired

Since we have been contacted by people who are visually impaired and rely on voice/audio software in their day to day use of the PC we have decided to offer a guide on how to connect to our Live Chat by using a mIRC based software that will allow just that.

The Program we have found to be useful is "tIRC" which stands for "Talking IRC" and is a script that works with mIRC, one of the most popular chat clients available.

To use tIRC you will have to download mIRC first, if you haven't got it already. You can do so, by clicking here.

Afterwards you have to download tIRC of which we host a copy on Kickchat.com. Please click here to download tIRC 3.8.

First install mIRC followed by the installation of tIRC. Please follow the instructions on screen. If you install mIRC into its default location, you should not have to change any settings at this point. Once the installation of tIRC is complete, please follow the instructions on screen. tIRC supports a wide variety of Audio Agents for windows such as WindowEyes to name just one.

After setup of mIRC/tIRC you can either simply click here to connect to irc.kickchat.com and join our chatroom or manually enter the following commands in the mIRC Status window (directly after load up and followed by "Enter" after each line):

/server irc.kickchat.com

Once you are connected type the following command to use a nick of your choice:

/nick nickname

Replace "nickname" with a nickname of your choice. Then type:

/join #anxiety-support

to join our chatroom.

Should you have any problems or questions, please do not hesitate to Email us!

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