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AS - Anxiety Support - Social Anxiety, Social Phobia, Depression, Help & Support

We are also running a Teamspeak server which can be used to voice chat with chat members.

To be able to use voice chat you at the very least need a computer that is able to play music, i.e. a computer with a SoundCard. Ideally you will also have a microphone, be it a stand alone one or a headset.

You will also have to download the Teamspeak Software. You can do that at http://www.goteamspeak.com where you will find a download for a variety of Operating Systems (e.g. Microsoft Windows). If you are using Windows you can click here to download Teamspeak.

Once you have installed Teamspeak, run the program and point your mouse to "Connection" and "Quick Connect". Please see picture below:

You will see the following window appear:

Put in the information as shown, and do NOT FORGET THE :8770 AFTER THE SERVERNAME! You will also require a server password which you can obtain by asking in our IRC chat. You can use a name of your choice, providing it isn't used already by someone else. One of the available Admins will have to give your permission to register. Once you have registered you can fill out the bottom two fields, but unless you do leave the "Login name" field blank and only fill in the fields as shown above!

As an alternative to the IP address you can also use: teamspeak.anxiety-support.org:8770

If you have any further questions or problems, please ask in our chat room.

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